Climate Finance Day

8th edition
 of the 
Climate Finance Day

The Climate Finance Day is a major annual event which annually gathers, since 2015, the world’s financial industry to share best practices on sustainable finance and make further commitments to combat climate change. The objective is also to review the main achievements to date and showcase the most innovative solutions implemented by public and private actors to reach the goals set in the Paris Agreement. 
This event is now a key step for the Paris financial centre and international financial actors on the road to climate COPs to mobilize the financial ecosystem towards the climate objectives.

This 8th edition of the Climate Finance Day will be dedicated to financial solutions enabling and accelerating transition and adaptation actions

The IPCC have made it clear in its last report: we can halve emissions by 2030 but the time for action is now. Good news, the experts ensure “there is sufficient global capital and liquidity to close investment gaps”. Accelerated and equitable climate action in mitigating and adapting to climate change impacts is critical to sustainable development. Financing climate action is thus a priority for the COP 27.

We are now at the turning point, halfway on the pathway to reach the 2030 Agenda and the climate objectives. 

Hundreds of pledges and commitments have been made by the financial sector. It is time to take a step back and make a mid-term evaluation on its contribution to these goals. 
We need to emphasize and scale up concrete game-changing solutions that have been developed so far on transition and adaptation. 

We expect financial players to report on the actions implemented since 2015 and to present action plans for the years to come. What concrete solutions the financial sector can provide to strengthen and mainstream resilience and to accompany the transition of the real economy? How to build trust and demonstrate accountability of the financial actors’ actions? How to accelerate? 

 Join us on the 27th of October 2022, in a renewed format of the Climate Finance Day, to explore the financial solutions to build a sustainable future!


This whole week will gather in Paris from October 24 to 28 the financial and business community as well as civil society, local and public authorities. Finance for Tomorrow provides a label to its members as well as institutions, that organize side events dedicated to green and sustainable finance and more broadly climate and sustainable development issues during the week (except on October 27). 

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Finance for Tomorrow, launched in June 2017 is the branch of Paris EUROPLACE to make green and sustainable finance a key driving force in the development of the Paris Financial Centre and to position it as a hub of reference on these issues. The 110+ members and observers of Finance for Tomorrow are committed by a joint charter to help redirect financial flows towards a low-carbon and inclusive economy, in line with the Paris Agreement and the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

Finance for Tomorrow is chaired by Thierry Déau, Founder and CEO of Meridiam.




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